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Dining Out In Beijing

|Chinese Food| -- | Foreign Food |

American--Brazilian--Coffee Shops--English--European--French--Fusion
German--Indian--Italian--Japanese--Korean--Latin American
Lunch Delivery--Mexican/Tex-Mex--Middle Eastern


Beijing Sammie's
Under RMB100
-Inside Beijing Foreign Language Institute
Under RMB100
-32 Zhongfang Street, Chaoyang Men Wai
At the Chaoyang branch you can fax 6503-2688 to call in an order or get a menu faxed to you
Sammies has garden salads, pasta salads, cookies brownies and other sweets. Chaoyang branch hours are 8am-9pm from Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm on the weekend. The Yuyanxueyuan branch does not have fax service and is open from 9am-7pm every day.

Big Easy
5pm-2am, under RMB100
Chaoyang Park South Gate
Serving Cajun food, the heavy, deep-fry-o-centric crawfish-and jamabalya-focused food of the Cajuns, from America's deep south. You can also listen to live music every night.

Cafe She's
11am-2am, RMB100-200
1A Dong Jiangtai Road (Lidu Market Street)

Frank's Place
11am-midnight RMB100-200
Opposite the East gate of the Worker's Stadium
You haven't been an expat if you haven't gone to Frank's. Beer on tap, dark corners, sympathetic barkeeps, good and unpretentious basic fare.

Cigar Bar
24 hours, under RMB100
52 Liangjiu Road, opposite the Kempinski Hotel

Good Time Cafe
10am-12pm, RMB100
Opposite Beijing Normal University East Gate, 30 meters north of Tinqiao

Hard Rock Cafe
11am-3am, RMB100
1/F, Landmark Towers, Chaoyang District
6590-6688 ext.2571.
Live music Monday through Saturday.

Henry J. Bean's Bar & Grill
11:30am-2am, RMB100-200
1/F, China World Hotel
6505-2266 ext.6569.
Just like America: if you don't come out in a food coma, you haven't cleaned your plate. Is it surprising we're overweight? Live music Monday through Saturday.

Kenny Roger's Roasters
-1/F, Sichuan Plaza, Xicheng District
6835-0610, 10:30am-l0:3Opm.
-1/F, Xuhai Plaza, Zhongguancun
6253-5490, 11am-12pm.
-Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, opposite BeiCheng Shopping Center
6491-2641, 11am-10:30pm M-F, 10:30am-10:30pm weekends.
-4/F, Full Link Plaza, Chaoyang District
6588-1279, 11am-9:30pm M-F, 11:30am-midnight weekends.
-1/F, New World Plaza, Chongwen District
6708-1578, 11am-11pm.
-21 Jianguomen Wai Street (next to the Beijing International Club)
6532-0478, 11am-12pm.
The six Roasters in Beiing offer fast simple roasted chicken, meat loaf and ribs plus sides.

11:30am-2pm, 6pm-10pm, RMB200-300
2/F, Beijing Hilton Hotel, Chaoyang District
6466-2288 ext.7420

Manhattan Grill & Bar
12:00pm-2:30pm, 5:30pm-11:30pm,
In the Radisson, 9A Fuchengmenwai Rd.

Mr. Pizza
11am-9:30pm, RMB100-200
Room 201, East Ocean Center, 24A Jianguomen Wai
Asian style pizza that heats up well the next day, plus an uncommonly good cheese crust.

Mrs. Shanen's Bagels
8am-5pm, Closes at 4pm on weekends, under RMB100
No. A3 Zhaojiu Road, Jiuxianqiao
There's a cozy nook at the bagel factory where you can breakfast on fresh toasted bagels with eight types of cream cheese and lox, or grab some muffins or cheese cake at lunch.

Pit Stop
1/F, Harbour Plaza Hotel, 8 Jiangtai Road
6436-2288 ext. 2610
Chili con carne, pork ribs, fajitas.

Pizza Factory
7am-10pm, under RMB100
Henderson Centre L-1008, 18 Jianguomen Nei Strret
Pasta, pizza, calzones, sandwiches.

Pomegranate Cafe
11am-11:30pm, under RMB100
1 Fengsheng Hutong, East Corner, (where Xidan North Street intersects Xisi South Street)
Different choices of backery of American style

Porgy's Place
6pm-2am, RMB100-200
Sanlitun South Bar Street
American soul food restaurant and soul music bar.

Sanlitun North Bar Street
Lunch and Dinner delivery
For menu and orders, call 6417-1069 or fax 6417-1069.

Sgt. Pepper's
No.1 Nongzhan Nanlu (West gate of Chaoyang Park)
From Tianjin to the capital city, Sgt. Pepper's is a solid expat restaurant and bar. On November 16th attend a wine and cheese party, where you can sample a wide selection of wines from Lindemans and Maison Sichel. For more information contact Louis at Summergate,

Sports City Cafe
11am-2am, RMB200-300
3/F, Gloria Plaza Hotel, 2 Jianguomen Wai Street,
6515-8855 ext.3349.
Special price at Wednesday and Sunday night. Seafood buffet RMB118/each person.

Texan Bar & Grill
11:30am-2pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm, RMB300
1/F, Holiday Inn Lido, Chaoyang District
6437-6688 ext.1849
Besides genuine U.S. beef steak, also provides Mexican style food.

TGI Friday's
11:30am-11:30pm, RMB200-300
-19 East Third Ring, Chaoyang District
-CATIC Centre, 18 Beichen East Road
Even the salads would feed a garrison of the People's Liberation Army. Basic burgers, chicken fingers, potato skins, pastas, fajitas, salads.

Xanadu Bar & Grill
11am-11pm, RMB100-200
Xindong Road, right across from the Canadian Embassy
Home of the finest and juiciest steaks in Beijing. Imported steak specials every month.

Kekou Restaurant
11am-10pm, under RMB100
-1/F, Baiwan Zhuangyuan, 377 Guanganmen Wai Street, Xuanwu District
6346-8888 ext.2121
-27 Baishiqiao Road, Haidian District


Parati Restaurant
11:30am-2pm, RMB100-200
120 Sanlitun South Road
Brazilian BBQ, lunch RMB68/each person, dinner RMB98/each person.

6pm-late, 11:30am-late weekends Under RMB200
West gate of Chaoyang Park
6586-1861/2 ext.206.
Brazilian style buffet daily from 6-11pm, RMB88 per person. Live band starting at 9:00pm.

Cafe D'amour
10am-10:30pm, RMB16
-69 North Dongdan Avenue
-Oriental Plaza UG 169
Ultra modern pearl milk tea store that also serves espresso. Don't get a flavored tea unless you want to be overpowered by sugar, but the regular flavor is great.

Easy Time
8am-midnight, RMB18
38 Haidian Road, west of the Beida South gate
Here's a store to sattsty your cravings if you live near Beijing University. Opened over three years ago, this one feels like you've gone to Taiwan for a vacation.

10am-1am, RMB14-23
-69 Dongdan Beidajie, Dongcheng District
-East side of the Qianmen Jian Building, Chongwen District
-137 Xiwai Dajie, Xicheng District
-3A Chongwenmen Wai dajie, Chongwen District
Ten flavors of pearl milk tea, swing chairs, fake trees and vines. Especially recommended is the yuanyang tea, a mixture of coffee and tea. Warning: there is fierce and not entirely friendly competition for the swing chairs.

9am-9am, RMB5/2 cups
Dongsi Shitiao 35-1, Dongcheng District
A shop to get a quick fix.

Pure Girl
10am-10:30pm, RMB10
17 Sanlitun South Road
Highly recommended milk tea stand on Sanlitun, look for the blond doll who mixes the tea for you.

-Scitech Plaza, across Jianguomen Waidajie from the Friendship Store
-Basement of Henderson Center, 18 Jianguomen Neidajie
-56 Xinjiekou Nandajie, just south of the Xinjiekou Hotel
Fast food style milk tea chain hailing from Taipei, where you can't go one block without running into one. Standard flavor pearl milk tea in sealed cups.

Shanjia Yayuan
10am-2am, RMB18
Gongti North Road, across from Havana Cafe
A place that will let you drift away to xiaojie-land, with pastel tangerine and lime walls, swing chairs and an extremely loud bird. However, the teas are small and expensive.

Coffee Shops

Babble On
10am-1am, Weekends 8am-1am. RMB30-50
Opposite Beijing University's West gate, one block south, the third door inside the alley
Half-price coffee from Monday to Thursday between 1 and 5pm

Atrium Cafe
24 hours service
You can order snack or enjoy buffer at RMB180
2/F, Beijing Hilton Hotel
6466-2288 ext.7406

8am-10:30pm, under RMB100
-Gongtibei Road, West Side of the Kylin Plaza
-Ritan North Road, down the street and opposite from Fangcaodi Primary School
-Chaoyang Park West Gate Branch
-44 Sanlitun North Road
-Silk Alley Branch, opposite of the US Embassy Visa Office

10am-9:30pm, RMB100-200.
-2/F, Shidu Department Store, 99 Wangfujing Street
10am-10pm, RMB100-200.
-5/F, Wangfujing Street Xindong'an Market Branch

Cafe Renaissance
6:30am-12am, RMB200-300.
7/F, Jingguang New World Hotel
6597-8888 ext.2513

Cafe Suisse
24 hours service, RMB100-300.
1/F, Swissotel, Dongsishitiao
6501-2288 ext.2127

Coffee Garden
6am-1am, RMB200-400.
2/F, China World Hotel
6505-2266 ext.35

Coffee Garden
24 hours service. RMB200-400.
1/F, Kerry Center Hotel, 1 Guanghua Road
6561-8833 ext.40

Mandlin Cafe Chateau
9:30am-12pm, under RMB100.
-1/F, Everbright Building Branch, 6 Fuwai Street
-2/F, Beijing Concert Hall
6605-7006 ext220, under RMB100.
The Beijing Concert Hall branch only opens when the show is on.

Ming Tien Coffee Language
9:30am-2pm, RMB100-200.
Qianmen Jianlou Southeast side

Pastels Bistro
24 hours, RMB100-200.
1/F, Scitech Hotel, 22 Jianguomen Wai Street
6512-3388 ext.2223

6am-1am, RMB200-400
1/F, Kempinski Hotel
6465-3388 ext. 4105

Sculpting in Time Cafe
10:30am-12:30am, under RMB100
45 Chengfu Street Haidian District

-1/F, China World Trade Center, 1 Jianguomen Wai
6505-2288 ext.8122, 6:30am-12pm, RMB100.
-1/F, COFCO, Tower C, 8 Jiannei Avenue,
6526-6666 ext.1729, 6:30am-12pm, RMB100.
-Chung Yo Dept. Store, 178 Xidan North Street
6601-8899 ext.2912, 9am-10pm, RMB100.
-1/F, Parkson Dept. Store
6605-8377, 8am-11pm, RMB100.
-29 Dongdan North Street
6523-1924, 8am-1am, RMB100.
-11 Dongsi South Street
6526-2953, 9am-11pm, RMB100.
-Friendship Store Branch, 17 Jiangwai Avenue
6586-4796, 6:30am-12pm, RMB100.
-B1, Full Link, 18 Chaowai Street
6588-0503, 7am-12pm M-F, 9am-12pm weekends, RMB100.
-Lido Branch, close to Lidu Plaza,
6430-1007, 7am-10pm, RMB100.

Swiss Chalet
6am-10:30pm, RMB100-300.
Beijing Sino-Swiss Hotel, Xiao tianzhu Village,
6456-5588 ext.1409

9:30am-10pm, under RMB100.
3/F, Sogo Dept. Store, Xuanwumen Wai Dajie

UCC Coffee
9:30am-10pm, RMB100.
B1, 2/F, 6/F, Sogo Dept. Store, Xuanwumen Wai street

Woo Me Cafe
5pm-late evening, RMB100.
Wudaokou, Haidin District, (Near Haidian Foreign Language Bookstore)

Sydeny Harbour Dairy Shop
4 Ritan North Street
Fresh milk from Australia. Up to 30 flavors of yogurt, 20 flavors of milk and 20 types of cheese, when they have it in stock.

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