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Transportation In Jiuzhaigou

By Air:

Formerly it was impossible to reach Jiuzhaigou directly by air by train or by bus. Now because the new airlines between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou has been opened we have the most convenient way to Jiuzhaigou. Take a plane to Chengdu Shuanglong international airport first and stay overnight in Chengdu, then leave Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhai-Huanglong airport by air again next day.


It is 15km away from the Shuangliu international airport to Chengdu city center, RMB5 is the starting price of taxi and 1.7yuan/km

Jiuzhai-Huanglong Airport is located at the Chuanzhu Temple town Songpan county and starts using at 28th Sep 2003. It is an 83km long way between the airport and the entrance of Jiuzhaigou. The southwest suboffice of Air China Company has the first airlines to Chengdu and Chongqing. It is only a 45 minutes journey from Chengdu to Jiuzhai--Huanglong airport.

By Train:

There are direct trains to Chengdu from more than 10 main Chinese cities including Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Chongqing Xi'an Kunming Wulumuqi Lanzhou and so on. We can take a train (Baocheng line) to Chengdu, Guangyuan or Jiangyou and then hop on a bus to Jiuzhaigou. But actually this journey will make you feel very tired and usually the train is not on time.

By Bus:

There is a ring road between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou. When you arrive at Chengdu you can take a bus to Jiuzhaigou directly.

The ring road of Jiuzhaigou is an important tour route of Sichuan 913km long and with two directions(east and west). So there are two routes constituted the round- trip between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou.

West route: approximately 430 km
Chengdu--Dujiangyan--Wenchuan--Maoxian--Songpan--Chuanzhu temple--Jiuzhaigou
East route: about 520 km
Chengdu--Guanghan--Deyang--Mianyang--Jiangyou--Pingwu--Jiuzhaigou county--Jiuzhaigou

Both of the two routes take 9-10 hours. The highway from Chendu to Mianyang Dujiangyan and Jiangyou is smooth and wide, which makes the winter tour to be possible. In summer raining season, landslide happens sometimes here, however, the local government does a good protection for the road. Generally several hours later the problems will be solved.

The east route highway is longer than that of the west one. The total length is approximately 170km. Now there are direct buses from Mianyang to Jiuzhaigou in the east route. And the west route goes along Ming river passing 5 towns where you will see the traditional culture of Zhang people and Qiang people, the destroyed vegetation and the well preserved nature resources.

The highway from Chuanzhu temple to Jiuzhaigou was opened in September 2003 which is the most important route to Jiuzhaigou. It is safe comfortable and brings a lot of enjoyment to the tourists, starts at the Chuanzhu temple town and ends at the entrance of Jiuzhaigou (about 94.14km, an 1.5 hours journey)

In Chengdu (Xintianmen bus station) air-conditioned buses go to Jiuzhaigou at 8:00 AM every day, cost about RMB100. Starting from Mianyang or Leshan you can also take the bus to Jiuzhaigou.

Other routes to Jiuzhaigou:

No.1 (by bus)
Chengdu--Wenchuan--Lixian-Miyaluo--Hongyuan--Waqie--Chuanzhu temple. This road is very long (702km) but very wide safe and comfortable. Along the road you can enjoy the imposing scenery of the grassland, see the beautiful Qiang lady, and touch the fantastic traditional culture of minority. 

No.2 (combine the bus and the train)
This option is taking a train to Hongyou station (Baocheng line) and then hopping on a bus to Jiuzhaigou town. On the way you can visit the Doutuan mountain, Libai museum, Haidengwu hall, Bao'en temple and so on. The whole length of the road is about 303 km.

No.3 (combine the bus and the train)
Firstly arriving at Guangyuan or Zhaohua station (Baocheng line) by train then taking a bus passing Guangyuan ancient town, Shaohua ancient town, Huangche temple, Qianfouyan, Jianmensudao, Bikou reservoir, and finally you reach Jiuzhaigou town (308km). Although there are many scenic spots for you to enjoy, the road is not in good quality and very dangerous in raining season.

No.4 (combine the bus and the train) 
Starting from Chengdu to Shanxi Yueyang station (Baocheng railway station) by train, then you can choose a tour bus to Jiuzhaigou town (441km). On the way you will have a look of the rare limestone cave in the northwest region - Wudu Wanxiang cave.

No.5 (combine the bus and the train)
Leaving Chengdu for Ganshu Tiashui station by train (Longhai line) and then go to Jiuzhaigou town by bus. During the journey there are so many interesting places such as the Maijishan grotto, Shimen scenic spot, Dufucaotang, Xihanmoyashong (Huanglong tablet) ect.

No.6 (by bus)
Lanzhou -Gannan - Chuanxi - Jiuzhaigou, this is a bus way starting from Lanzhouand passing Langmu temple, Ruoergai and Cuanzhu temple. Along the road there are some scenic ports including Liujiaxia reservoir, Binglingsi rock cave, Lapulen temple, Sanke grassland, Songpan grassland and so on. During the whole journey you will know both the culture of minorities and the beautiful sceneries which are as excellent as that of Jiuzhaigou. 

Self-driving travel:

If you want to drive you own car to visit Jiuzhaigou, you can choose the west route:
Chengdu (56km)-- Dujianyan (90km)-- Wencuan (44km)-- Maoxian (130km)-- Songpan (88km)-- Jiuzhaigou (430km)--Chengdu
The road condition is very good (highway +pitch road). 
Inner transportation: 
It is 128km long between Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong. Group tourists needn't worry about the traffic problem between the two scenic spots. The self-service tourists can take a bus of the Songpan, Chengdu direction to Chuanzhu temple (about 92km) and then change a bus of Pingwu direction to the Huanglong temple (about 41km).

Tour bus:

In Jiuzhaigou there is a very convenient traffic system. In order to protect the environment of the beautiful valley, make the narrow road unblocked and enlarge the quantity of tourists, the officers choose the tour buses as the main tranffic tool in the valley. These buses are worked by natural gas which will not pollute the beautiful nature. You can get on or get down the bus at any stop in the valley. Bus ticket selled at the entrance. Price: peak season (1st May -31st October) RMB90, low season (1st November -30th April next year) RMB70, and RMB3 for insurance. The ticket is available only in the valley for single time.

Jiuzhai visiting road:

The wriggling visiting road in Jiuzhaigou is just like a beautiful necklace bunching the wonderful scenery on the way. Walking is a pleasant way to cover distances in the valley, on the contrary, traffic is limited. And walking along the visiting road you can get near to the spectacular scenery including waterfalls, mountains and lush bamboo forest to touch these fantastic things in person.

The mileage among the main landscapes in Jiuzhaigou
Entrance - Luorilang 14.4km
Luorilang-Long sea 17.8km
Luorilang-Virgin forest 18km
Entrance- Jiuzhai town 7km
Entrance-Jiuzhai county 42km
Entrance -Huanglong temple 128km

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