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Canton Fair--The Largest Trade Show In China

How to Attend Canton Fair?
1.   Application of Invitation
2. Visa Application
3. Get the hotel accommodation and transportation
4. Registration
5. Enter The Fair
6. Business Tips
About Canton Fair
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-- Functional Offices
-- Statistic of Canton Fair
-- CECF (Liuhua) Complex
-- CECF (Pazhou) Complex
-- Category of Exhibition Sections
Info. of Canton Fair
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Enter the Fair

Directory of Chinese Export Commodities Fair's Exhibitors

Visitors may receive a free Directory of Chinese Export Commodities Fair's Exhibitors with the invitation card at the Bulletin Distribution counter in the East Corridor of the Lobby of Hall 1, CECF (Liuhua) Complex or at Pearl Promenade opposite to Hall 25, CECF (Pazhou) Complex.

Info Counter

The information about the Fair to visitors in the east part of the Lobby, Hall 1, CECF (Liuhua) Complex or Pearl Promenade opposite to Hall 21 or Hall 25, CECF (Pazhou) Complex. 


The Fair provides interpreters of different languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Arabic. For interpretation service, kindly contact our Registration Office during the Fair or contact Foreign Liaison Department in advance. 


E-commerce Centers provide Internet service at:
Canton Fair (Liuhua) Complex: East & West Corridor of Hall 1, 2/F of Hall 4, 1/F of Hall 6, 1/F of Hall 14.

Canton Fair (Pazhou) Complex: Counter 1-2 on Pearl Promenade of Hall 23, Counter 3-4 on Pearl Promenade of Hall 23, E-Commerce Center of Hall 21, E-Commerce Center of Hall 23, E-Commerce Center of Hall 25, E-Commerce Center of Hall 27, E-Commerce Center on the Second Floor of Hall 24. 

Exhibitors' Information

Visitors could find the exhibitors' information by SCAN, Directory of Chinese Export Commodities Fair's Exhibitors, Chinese Export Commodities Fair CD-Rom, or Canton Fair Website.

Tips for Security

No smoking in exhibition halls. The Fair set up several smoking areas for you.

Please take good care of your property. If you lose something, please get contact with Security Section of CECF Security Office. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Location: Room 6277, 2/F, Hall 6, CECF Liuhua Complex
Room 05, 1/F, Hall 23, CECF Pazhou Complex

If any problems about security, please refer to CECF Security Office for help.

Tel: Liuhua Complex: 86-20-26080015
Pazhou Complex: 86-20-89131203 


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